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Our Universal Tripod is the ideal Prop Stand. The same can be used for all Prop Pipe sizes. The Tripod eliminates bracing & it is easy to erect. It is easy to handle is very safe during Erection.


Our cross Head is made to fit H20 wooden Beams. It can be use as single or overlapping condition. The cross-head fits on the flange of the Prop.


Our Prop is Hot Dip Galvanised designed to take 2 Tones load withstanding Capacity at its fully extended condition. Locking arrangement is provided in our prop so none of its parts can be lost. Generally, it is workable for maximum of 4 mtr. Slab height. Due to hot dip galvanizing the life of Prop & repetition of it is much more than any conventional Props.

Fact sheet

Dimension Value (a) Tolerance (b)
Beam height 200 mm ± 2 mm
Chord height 40 mm ± 0,6 mm
Chord width 80 mm + 0,8 mm/-1,2 mm
Web thickness 28 mm ± 1 mm

Characteristic Limits – values apply at a wood moisture content of 12 % ± 2%


Strains Permissible stress values Characteristic limits of load-bearing capacity
Shearing force ZUL Q = 11,0 kN Vk = 23.9 kN
Bending moment ZUL M = 5,0 kNm Mk = 10.9 kNm
Support Rb,k = 47.8 kN
Section modulus Wx= 461 cm3
Geometrical moment of inertia Ix= 4.613 cm4
Elasticity modulus E = 10.000 N / mm2
Shearing modulus G = 600 N / mm2

The values of the section modulus and the geometrical moment of inertia apply to new or used concrete formwork beams. An analogously increased factor of safety needs to be added for severely worn beams.


Standard Lengths

SVA Components

1,95 / 2,45 / 2,65 / 2,90 / 3,30 / 3,60 / 3,90 / 4,50 / 4,90 / 5,90 / max. 6 m

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